In their righteousness, they will be like


that the Lord has planted for his own glory.

They will rebuild the ancient ruins, repairing cities destroyed long ago.

– Isa 61:3 –

First Things First


TheMediaOaks is firstly a bunch of people that love God and want to inspire others to love him too. Or perhaps we should say we’re a bunch of people who have experienced His love and want to spur others on to do the same.

In short we would like to bring hope. Point to hope. Become hope. We want to encourage you to bring hope, point to hope. Become hope for the world around you. One of the ways we do this is through video. Another is through podcasts. Another is through radio. This is what this is:  A platform where we post inspiring stories, great teachings, motivating doccies,

encouraging talks, pretty much anything that inspires us to love God more or understand his love in a better way. That is it. We believe God dreams big about every one of us. That dream is inside of us. We need to discover it. And then we can display God’s glory by living out that dream.

Bring Hope


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And Secondly…

Secondly we’re a bunch of people who aspire to deliver media products to anybody out there. Video, Graphic Design, Photography, Websites

We urge our clients to dream big when they consider their media needs. We help them discover that dream and assist them in pinpointing what it will entail.  We take pride in displaying that dream in an excellent way, and if I may use the word, a glorious way.
Producing  professional media products that display the life and breath of a client’s product or organisation. Please visit Oak Street Media, our commercial avenue of operations. And allow us to display your dream.


Isaiah 61 is such a jewel of a scripture – It talks about brokenness and healing, freedom and favour. Beauty for ashes and blessing instead of mourning. It talks about rebuilding ancient ruins and repairing destroyed cities.

This is the God we commit to and the message we endorse. It discusses concepts of provision, honour, joy, prosperity, and justice. It references a bride and a groom, and a luscious, blooming, spring garden. Intimate and life-giving concepts that qualifies our God as absolutely unique.

RIGHTEOUS OAKS for the DISPLAY OF HIS SPLENDOR, or GLORY. There is nothing we did right in order to deserve this remarkable title. Only God. Only Jesus. But we are indeed righteous carriers of his favour. Through no work of our own.  And we desperately wish to be towering oaks, priests of the Lord, that display his glory. You too are such an Oak if his Spirit dwells in you.

You will be called priests of the Lord, ministers of our God.

– Isa 61:3

A Key Element of Hope is to


One of the key elements of hope is sharing. When we share our joys, our pain, our adventure, our fears, we connect with those we share. We open up an avenue for ‘me’ to become ‘us’. That is community. That is in fact church.

Sharing usually has two components. There is often a giver and a receiver, or a speaker and a listener. One who has pain and one who cares, one who needs time and one who offers time. That is community. And that is love. We encourage you to share of yourself and allow others to share with

you. In every aspect of life. We also encourage you to share anything you experience on this platform that inspires you. Also to share of your stories. If you believe there is something you have to share and would like us to record it, please be bold enough to connect with us.

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Red Oak Radio is our online community of faith and streams 24/7. We celebrate life. Our presenters cover a wide variety of topics in a progressive style. Our music leans into the current trends in young adult circles. You can connect with us on your smartphone or any internet connected device.


If flexibility and easy listening convenience is your thing, you can connect with us on SOUNDCLOUD. Our awesome podcast hosts in-your-ears, while you are on the road, on the treadmill, in the car, on the train, or just laying on your back, relaxing.


We produce any kind of story, narrative, documentary, any kind of visual presentation that will serve to bring hope and display splendor.  This ranges from short testimonials  to 12 episode teaching series. You are welcome to connect with us and we would be honored to be part of telling whatever the story you want to tell, whether it be on video, podcast, television, or radio.


Currently this is still a very small platform but a big dream. We encourage you to become part of our community and grow and share this dream with us.  Stay connected.


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The NLC relies on funds from the proceeds of the National Lottery. The Lotteries Act guides the way in which NLC funding may be allocated. The intention of NLC funding is to make a difference to the lives of all South Africans, especially those more vulnerable and to improve the sustainability of the beneficiary organisations. Available funds are distributed to registered and qualifying non-profit organisations in the fields of charities; arts, culture and national heritage; and sport and recreation. By placing its emphasis on areas of greatest need and potential, the NLC contributes to South Africa’s development.

theMediaOaks is a product of 13th Floor

The ‘Oaks’ behind the Cameras


Editor, Camera, Photographer, After FX, Do it all.


All the clients’ favourite Mr Do it all. And sometimes ‘know it all’!

Annette is our content director.


Without her we are contentless!

Our Managing Director.


Flaps brings in the deals. And signs off the work.

Carine is our Creative Director.


Very Creative. Very Directing. Very Beautiful.

Technical Director of the Media Oaks.


Also sound dude, head Geek and Station Manager of Red Oak Radio.

Gear, editing, driver – whatever is needed.


All the way from Zim. Working to grow this company to higher heights.

Editor, Motion Graphics, Photoshop, Copywriter, Systems.


All the clients favourite Ms do it all.

The Financial Director.


Money Spender, Money Counter, Money Saver. Money Penny.

Editor and all round videographer in the making.


Never a dull moment with Ofentse.

Production, make up, wardrobe, editing.


Our female shooting star.

Animation is his thing.


And we are happy that he is doing his thing at theMediaOaks.


The Media Oaks